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Vegetarian & Vegan menu options

Bruschetta tomato, basil & garlic £6.95 (Ve)


Bruschetta tomato & mozzarella (V) £8.95


Pane all’Aglio serves 2 (V) £8.95

Garlic pizza topped with mozzarella & sundried tomatoes


Pizza al Pomodoro serves 2 (Ve) £7.75

Traditional tomato pizza with garlic & fresh basil


Pizza Croccante serves 2 (Ve) £6.75

Pizza with garlic, olive oil and rock salt


Caprese Salad (V) £9.95

Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil


Cartoccio di Caprino (V) £9.95

Warm goat’s cheese parcel, caramelised beetroots & pine kernels with a 

mango & kiwi relish


Garlic Mushrooms (V) £7.95

Mushrooms garlic cream & wine. Topped with parmesan


Seasonal Vegetables Minestrone (Ve) £5.50


Risotto Verdure (V) £12.75

Risotto richly bound with parmesan cheese, peas, courgette & asparagus

(Vegan option available)


Risotto ai Funghi e Pollo £14.95

Chicken fillets, mixed wild mushrooms, parmesan cheese,

enhanced with truffle oil

(Vegan & vegetarian option available)


Side Orders

Mixed Salad  £4.75

Tomato and Red Onion Salad £4.65

Rocket Salad and Parmesan Shavings  £4.95

Fresh leaf spinach, chillies and garlic £4.65

Fried Zucchini  £4.95

Home Made Fries  £3.95





Goat cheese parcel, wine & saffron infused poached pear, mixed leaves, caramelised beetroots, pine kernels and sundried tomatoes £16.75 (Vegan option available)



Pappardelle Smoked Haddock £13.95

Fresh egg pasta ribbons, smoked haddock, cherry tomatoes & spinach, in a cream

and saffron sauce (Vegetarian option available)


Farfalle Pollo Pesto (N) £12.95

Butterfly Pasta with chicken fillets in a rich pesto sauce (pine nuts) cream and

Parmesan (Vegetarian option available)


Linguine Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino £14.95

Tiger prawns, garlic, chilli and olive oil. Very spicy!

(Vegan & vegetarian option available)


Farfalle verdure  (V)

Butterfly pasta in tomato sauce with roasted vegetables. £12.25

(Vegan option available)


Maccheroni Amatriciana £12.75

Egg pasta with crispy pancetta (Italian cured pork belly) garlic, red onion, chillies,

white wine and tomato sauce (Vegan & vegetarian option available)


Maccheroni Piccanti £12.75

Egg pasta with chillies, spinach, spring onions, pancetta (Italian cured pork belly)

garlic & breadcrumbs

(Vegan & vegetarian option available)


All pasta dishes are also available as starter portions


Margherita (V) £10.45

Tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil

Verdure (V) £11.45

Zucchini, aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, olives, mozzarella and tomato sauce


Funghi (V) £11.45

Mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozzarella


Quattro Formaggi (V) £13.85

Dolcelatte, Tuscan pecorino cheese, smoked scamorza cheese, mozzarella and tomato


Calzone Verdure £11.45 

Mozzarella, Zucchini, aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, olives, and tomato sauce

(Vegan option available)

(V) Vegetarian (N) Contains nuts or nut oils

Unless otherwise stated all products do not contain nuts as an ingredient, however there

is always a possibility that traces of nuts may be found.


Important – Franco’s provides Italian food rooted in its traditions. Hence, it is the

customers’ responsibility to inform our supervisors of any food allergies or any dietary

requirements. However, we are unable to guarantee that products manufactured off the

premises do not contain substances to which you might be allergic.

Please note: You may be offered a dish of spicy olives on your arrival. Although the

product is described as stoneless when purchased by us, we cannot guarantee the absence

of stones.

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Cheques not accepted.


Gratuities are left at the customers discretion and go directly

to the waiting staff. For parties of 6 or more an optional 10% service charge will be added to the bill.

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